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Track Gandhi

Gandhi is on the 500 rupee bill in India and there is a website called TrackGandhi which tracks the movements of these bills.

This is what happens. You own a 500 rupee bill and there will either be stamps on it that says "Track Gandhi" or you will take it upon yourself to enter in the details to the website.

You will then be able to see where the bill has been.

This website grew out of the idea from which tracks the US $1 bill. It is a great track site with as many as 6 Million page views per month. It is unknown how much traffic TrackGandhi, the Indian version, has.

The future of the Internet will be to market products to those living in India. The population in India far surpasses that of the Americans and it is not only that. They are getting rich. Competition is low. So folks are going to steal the ideas from America and then transpose them to the Indian market.

China is expanding financially and globally but India has a democracy and they have the assuredness that many foreign investors like. Indians speak English well.

All in all, a website like this highlights the fact that India is growing.

The website is most popular in New Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, and the entire south.



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