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Review of RelianceIndia Call, (7/4/06)

We heard about a site called RelianceIndia Call that allows you to buy phone cards to India for 12.9 cents a minute. We only really mention it and take the time to review it because we like it.

My mom used to pay 20.0 cents per minute for long distance to India. The quality was bad. Disconnections were frequent and were billed unless disputed. Disputes are always won but take time and effort to pursue.

With Reliance, you get clear quality and a cheap price. So if you are looking for better phone options, we suggest you give Reliance a try.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Crystal clear quality. No wasting time saying "hello, hello, hello".
  • Low price
  • Very convenient to pay and unused balances are carried over and never lost.
  • No need to enter any PIN if using your registered phone number.

Their motto is "what you see is what you pay".

Their terms for a prepaid account:

  • No maintenance fee
  • No connection fee
  • No disconnection fee
  • No long talk fee
  • No weekly fee
  • No service fee
  • No Customer Service access fee
  • 60 seconds pulse
Taxes are billed.

You can also have a pay after use account that is billed a maintenance of $1.95/month.


  • Must enter PIN if not calling from your registered phone number.

Other Destinations

We noticed that you can call more countries that just India. We have no idea whether calling them is a good value but is added here for completeness.

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