(sanskrit) bhAvAkUta n. the first emotions of love



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Mga Larawan ng Babae sa Baguio, Benguet

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Baguio Benguet mga larawan babae sexy
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im actualli an adventurous person. I love hanging out with my friends and doing lotza crazy stuffs.I like going to places and eXplore some things there.I alweiz wanted to be with my fRiends-wer i can lean on anytime.First impression of other people is im a snobish person,that is just a mask that is you'll get to me more you will realiza that I'm friendly and socially oriented.i can say that im SwEet and approachable.hahah I love shopping and eating...especially sweet foods like chocolate, cakes and pastries...tee-hee I'm kinda kikay, fashionista and the like..heheh and sensitive about things as well. The more cuts a DIAMOND hv/d mor precious it is/I cn say dt d mor pipol try 2 gt closer 2 d edges of ing me/d mor dey dscover dt I am of multiple personalities/I am a MUSIC EMPRESS hu lovs 2 intensify d chambers of melody & beat/I am an APPRENTICE hu s open 2 lern anythin new may it b undr d twilight of oblivion/I am an ACTRESS hu changes masks 2 suit d walls of c2ation/I am a WRITER,my manuscripts retrospects my scintilla of fantasy & reality/I am a PERFORMER w/ a concntr8ion of purpose hu is nver dissipated in any sens gud or bad & puts as many strokes of f8ful works.I nver put only 1 hand 2 anythin w/c I cud throw my whole slf/I am a DREAMER,I am an ACHIEVER.I nver imagined myself aging thru sheer laziness,mental inertia,indiference.I am wiling 2 take d trouble 2 pay d price 4 perpetual youth,2 kip my ambitions frm lagging.Although I may be a jack of ol trades,I c 2 it dt I master dm all.I shyn as a unique multi-cut persona.I shine as a true person,w/ no pretensions.I liv w/ multi-dimensional roles. I liv a genuine identity.I am a genuine person...I am a precious DIAMOND. My mind, body and spirit are strong. I take time each day to rejuvenate and recharge . i draw from a deep well of peace and calm .i breathe in strength and release my fears . i go after my hearts deepest desires . i can accomplish anything . all of my dreams are coming true . i focus on my goal and have the strength to make it happen . i chose to be unstoppable. i am strong. i act inspite of my fears. i am bigger than my concerns and worries. i go for it with gusto. i can do anything i put my mind to. Each day i am getting stronger. I take great care of myself. The strength of others inspires me daily. i trust my intuition and live a courageous life.
Kasarian     Babae
Edad     21
Bagay     Baguio, Benguet, Pilipinas
Kulay ng buhok     Itim
Kulay ng mata     Brown
Tangkad     5'0"
Timbang     88 lb
Uri ng katawan     Petite
Lahi     Other
Ang hitsura     Average
Serbesa     Occasionally drink
Usok     Hindi ko alam smoke
Marital Status     Single
May mga bata     No
Gusto mo (more) mga bata     Not Sure
May pets     Dog
Trabaho     Other
Nasyonalidad     Pilipinas
Edukasyon     Vocational College
Languages spoken     Ingles
Ingles language ability     Very Good
Relihiyon     Kristiyano - Other
Star sign     Pisces
Relocate     Willing to relocate to another country
Last active     Nov 3, 2009


someone who can ride on my immaturity on some things and maturely understands me...


Baguio Benguet mga larawan babae sexyBaguio Benguet mga larawan babae sexyBaguio Benguet mga larawan babae sexyBaguio Benguet mga larawan babae sexy

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