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Speaking English Was My Key

Published: 2/5/09

I live in California and I've met a lot of Japanese women but have always found them to be shy and coy despite being easily approachable. You can easily strike up a conversation with them about practically anything though. I've never asked any of them out because I've always felt a bit shy around them. Like I was not good enough. I'm probably not but whatever, lol.

Anyways, so I went to Japan, and had a blast of a time. I went to Tokyo and after getting over the shock of feeling cramped, it wasn't that bad. Tokyo is not very I got my action, however. It was when I went to Nagasaki.

I went to a restaurant, just an average restaurant, and saw some wonderful women peppered through the place. Most of them were with a large family, or with a guy so I didn't expect anything to come out of it. But when I was seated to my table, I was placed right smack dab next to this Japanese school girl. She had her head poked inside some book but my attention was focused on her white silky legs, her knee high socks, how her hair was tied at the back. She looked young, really young, but I could tell she was in college from the way she was dressed and how she was so studious.

As I was eating my meal, I got a phone call from my wife and answered it. Had a decent conversation (in English) and then hung up the phone. After the conversation, I saw her looking at me. My speaking English must have piqued her interest but she was definitely too shy to say or do anything. But luck would have it that I glanced at her book. I noticed she was studying English. WOW!

So I asked her about her studying, etc.. And she said she was struggling in the class and that she had an essay to write the next day about culture. And I said that I could help but did so by asking if I could see her draft essay. I read it and saw noticeable flaws in her writing and asked if I could mark up the paper.

At this point, I'm just being a good samaritan. By no means did I expect this would lead to sex, lol.

Anyways, so after marking her paper up a lot she looked at it in embarrassment. I think I somehow offended her or embarassed her by making so many edits. I apologized and said her writing was not so bad and that we could fix it in like an hour or two. She said she needed to go home. I said that I did not mind helping her if she was willing to wait and then luck would have it that she invited me to her place.

When I went to her place, it was a bit cramped just as the other places I've been staying at were. She lived alone but had friends living nearby. This seemed to be some sort of hostel or dormitory. I couldn't really figure that part out but that didn't matter. All that mattered was I was in her house helping her with her English paper!


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