(sanskrit) bhAvAkUta n. the first emotions of love



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Background: Among girls from the Philippines, foreign men are praised and admired for their well shaped noses, round eyes, and thick lips.

My Story: When I traveled to the Philippines, I was impressed with the admiration I received. The girls liked me for my "exotic" features -- even the hot ones. I could go on and on. The one word that they most used to describe me was "guapo", a word in Tagalog with Spanish origin meaning good-looking. Keep in mind that I never get this kind of admiration from girls in the USA.

The Filipino girls are not all about sex or money, they want someone to love them and care for them.

I've been to the Philippines several times and the experiences I've had while being there will last a lifetime. And if you guys doubt me, join and you will be impressed with how much attention you get on the site!

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