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Average Marriage Age Statistics Research

Hindu Male Membership at Hindu Matrimonial Sites

= Introductory Study (October 2006) =

by Pralay

Sample size was based on unmarried Hindu men, that are non-vegetarian, and have posted their photo online.

shaadi membership percentage hindu men

Theory of Research
We analyzed membership percentages at to make a claim on the average marriageble age for Indian men. We feel that our research will highlight the age at which men start looking for a bride. Analyzing actual marriage statistics on weddings will not highlight the ages at which these men started looking. To ensure that we are looking for "first marriage" data, we search only through unmarried men. To characterize men that are likely more serious, we ensure that the men must have posted a profile.

Largest Increase in Membership
At around 23-24 years of age, the membership percentage starts to climb. The largest increase (largest slope) is between the ages of 25-27 years of age. So hindu men in this age group are very likely to start deciding to join the marriage websites.

Largest Percentage of Members
The largest percentage of members at were between the ages of 27-29. The peak is about 3 years wide whereas it was only about 1.5 years wide for women. This could be because men are far more flexible in when they want to get married. We expect this to be the case because it represents two things. 27 is the age at which an individuals has about 5 years of work experience. With it, he is deemed stable and secure and is ready to look for a mate. 29 is a key number because it represents the last age you can have before reaching the dreaded 30 mark. Being 30 and unmarried is considered a faux-paus and therefore many men seek mates before this age. Therefore 27-29 is bounded by two very key landmarks in the map of life. Perhaps this is another reason to explain the wider pinnacle.

Largest Decrease in Membership
The downward slope is most pronounced during the ages of 30-33. This makes sense because at 27-29, these men start getting married within 3 years. So they drop off the charts and create this downward slope.

Men Over 40
Just as we saw very few women over 40, we see very few men over 40. We only sampled unmarried men and therefore this age group is seemingly non-existent. Because hindu men seek to marry early.

Shortcomings of Our Research

  • Sampling unmarried men skews the graph in favor of the younger guys (<30). But we were looking for "first marriage" stats anyways.
  • The photo requirement favors the men that are the most serious about marriage (27-29). It helps us identify which age group is the most serious about getting married but it does not provide an accurate picture of everything as a whole. Perhaps older men are more private and less likely to post? But this gets us starting to analyze different age groups and intentions.
  • The nature of this research is slightly flawed in that we are only analyzing men that are posting a profile on the Internet. By nature, these would be men that are more educated. We identify age 27 as a major marker of "5 years experience" out of college because the men posting a profile online are more likely to be college educated. Less educated men are likely to get arranged marriages for themselves.

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