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Photo Retouching

If photos of you always look stunning then read some other article. This article is for the rest of us average Joes who want to look a little better in photos we post on dating websites. Whether you are a "10", average, or worse (?), photo retouching will help you get better responses.

Personal Story
I am slightly above average in looks and generally have very positive responses from girls on So there was never really a pressing need for me to use photo retouching but for purposes of this website, I tried it. I was amazed because I noticed a difference almost immediately!

Success Story
In my article, Stop the Confusing Profile Photos, how important it is to show yourself off as accurately as possible. You do not want to meet face to face with someone from having them think you look completely different. Being up front and clear about what you really look like is important.

But retouching does not change your looks, it only enhances it. Whether you have a few freckles in your face to remove, or your teeth to whiten, or your stray hairs to be brushed away, you will still look the same but only better. Many times people look at a small snapshot of the photo, they focus on it for mere seconds. So it is important to remove any possible distractions from the photo. For example, you can dull out the background to make your face (the foreground) appear much more clearly.

I had a small retouch done to my photo. In fact, they did not change my face, skin tone at all. Since I am a guy, the minor imperfections on my face made me look manly. But what they did do was change dull out the background to make my face appear more regal.

Girls started accepting my interest without even reading my profile. They were impressed, pleased, and excited to talk to such a handsome guy.

Thanks to photo retouching, I am HOT.



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