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Avoiding Simple / Boring Profile Names

You've seen them: online dating profile names that are so simple and boring they illicit nothing more than a yawn. But you don't have to fall prey to this type of online dating blunder! Instead, it's easy to avoid simple and boring profile names with these little tricks.

USE NUMBERS THE SMART WAY: Tagging them onto the end of your profile name just to make your ID unique is boring. For example, if you're the fifth user with the name "CuteKitten," don't choose the ID "CuteKitten5."

USE ABBREVIATIONS: Since you're limited to the number of characters in your profile name, make good use of abbreviations. "DreamLuvr," "Hot4Teacher," and "2Sweet" are all examples of using letters and numbers to shorten your name while creating interest.

USE CAPITALS: If your profile name uses more than one word, use caps or underscores to separate words. Instead of "Lilblueeyes," use "LilBlueEyes" or "Lil_Blue_Eyes." Properly placed capital letters or underscores help make your name more readable--and memorable.

SKIP YOUR REAL NAME: It's simple, it's basic, and it's boring. Skip any version that's a combination of your initials and name, such as "JDoe" or "JaneD." Instead, add a little creativity to the mix by using your name and a description together, such as "DoeGirl" or "WideEyedDoe."

Remember, whenever potential dates think of you, they'll think of your profile name. Make sure it's memorable, catchy and tells a little something about your personality.



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