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Filipina Heart

The Philippines have been subject to many military engagements during their history. They've been engaged by the Spanish, Japanese, United States. Cultural and genetic mixing by those same countries as well as Chinese, Indian, Korean, etc.

Filipina girls are not hard to find. Maybe in their country, many of those women are considered average but in the United States, these girls are considered to be gems.

I have spent many days and months in the Philippines. And I must say I have some of the best Stories on the planet. I intend to share them with you on this site at some point.

As a result of all the genetic mixing in the country, Filipinas have long been considered to be the prettiest in the world. They've got the great features, great bodies, etc.

Filipina Heart is a website that many foreigner men use to find these women for marriage and dating. Filipinos are known to be loyal, compassionate, and caring.

Most men are actively going to Cebu for dating but as my stories will prove to you, you can practically go to any province in the Philippines for fun.

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