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Fun Online Dating Conversation Topics and Ideas

Once you've picked out a potential date, it's time to make contact with him or her! Most people start out with a friendly email and then move on to "real time" conversations in either chat rooms or with an Instant Messaging program. But just like a first date at a coffee bar, conversation can sometimes hit a lull. So the next time you're searching for words, try talking about entertainment! Almost everyone indulges in one type of another. Take a look at these possible topics you can start with.

  • MUSIC: Ask about his or her favorite type of music, favorite musician or favorite album. You may find you share a love for jazz or a fondness for classic rock. This type of topic can easily transition into conversation about recent concerts you've attended or your favorite type of club.
  • MOVIES: You can discuss all-time favorites, favorite actors/actresses or recently seen films. It's a great chance for you to share a little bit about your personality and learn something about his or hers, too!
  • BOOKS: Perhaps she loves mysteries or romance. Maybe you both love non-fiction historical books. A book discussion is a good way to break the ice, especially if you've both read the same book recently.
  • TELEVISION: Is she a devoted "Desperate Housewives" fan? Do you never miss an episode of "CSI" or "Law & Order"? Almost every American spends some time watching TV during the week, so chances are you'll find some common ground when you talk about your favorite television shows.

Ready to start another topic during your online conversation, but not sure what it should be? In general, it's best to stay away from anything controversial, like politics and religion, during your early conversations. However, heated debates about fun topics can make things interesting! So consider talking about sports to spice up your chat. Possible topics to use are listed below.

  • FAVORITE SPORTS TO WATCH: Maybe he's a baseball fan, and you're a hardcore football fan. Either way, discussing your favorite pro sports is a way to find out if you share the same sporting interests.
  • FAVORITE PROFESSIONAL TEAM: If he's a Yankees fan and you love the Mets, this is a great way to spark a lively, fun debate. Just remember to keep things light and avoid any personal insults. 
  • FAVORITE PROFESSIONAL PLAYER: Compare stats and discuss pro athletes whenever you discuss your favorite professional players. Don't forget to consider all types of sports!
  • FAVORITE SPORT TO PLAY! It doesn't all have to be about the pros! Maybe you play in a weekend soccer league, or perhaps he enjoys a game of racquetball. Or maybe you're both the type who plays a round of golf every Sunday. Either way, this is your chance to find out what types of activities you might one day enjoy together.

One of the reasons for online conversation is to get to know someone a little bit better: their preferences, tastes, beliefs and personality. An easy way to do that is to discuss clothes! You may think that clothing doesn't offer much as a topic of chat, but, in reality, you can learn a lot about a person with two key questions.

  • WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO SEE THE opposite gender WEAR? By asking their taste in the opposite gender's clothing, you learn a lot about the type of person they seek. Do they like plain jeans and a tee-shirt? They're probably casual and laid-back. Prefer a business suit? Chances are they seek a professional with a career. Or perhaps they like athletic clothing. In that case, they're looking for an active, fit partner.
  • WHAT'S A TYPICAL DAILY OUTFIT FOR YOU? This gives you a chance to learn how they dress, and see if they fit the style of person you seek. If you hate to dress up and she always wears heels and a skirt, it tells you a little bit about her personality.

Both of these questions can generate more conversation, such as "I have to wear certain clothing because of my job," or "I'm more casual on the weekends because that's when I go hiking or skating." Let the conversation flow naturally and you'll find that a discussion about clothes can open up a world of chat.

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