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Lacking Intimacy in Your Marriage?

Living in a Loveless Marriage

by Pralay

living in a loveless marriage

It is not healthy to be in this type of a marriage but realize that you are not alone and there is nothing wrong with your marriage. At least not yet. Not so long as you take action soon. The majority of men polled state as their top two reasons were a) not connecting with partner and b) boredom.

Here is some general advice to support your married life, as far as increasing excitement.

Support Your Woman Emotionally
Women will be better in the relationship if supported emotionally. When was the last time you massaged her, took her out to a fancy restaurant, told her that you loved her? When was the last time you shared your feelings with her? When was the last time you listened to her needs instead of your own.

Lose Some Weight
Losing weight helps you achieve the following:

  1. appear more desirable to your partner

Being in better health means looking more attractive to your partner and feeling better about oneself. Improving your physical condition by running, exercising, even walking will help you to improve your overall emotions.

Long Distance Relationships
Some reasons for a lackless love life is because of the long distance between two couples. Because of the distance, you cannot be close physically but that does not mean you can not have a love filled and intimate relationship.

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