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Indian Mail Order Husbands?

by Pralay (6/1/06)

mail order husbands

No joke. They exist.

Mail Order Husbands, believe it or not, are in demand! There were over 100 monthly searches for "Mail Order Husbands" alone in May. These numbers would be more pronounced during the Holiday seasons when people long for a partner the most. Our research indicates that the average holiday produces as many as 4 times more "dating" related searches. We get more hits during the two week Christmas season than all of January 1 to Valentine's day combined.

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Extrapolating it out over all of the search engines and possible keyword searches, we are looking at about 5,000 yearly "mail order husband" related searches.

How many of these women are serious about getting a mail order husband? How many of these women are just curious? It is probably the same as any other consumable good people search for, approximately 1% will become instant buyers.

Meaning 500 women in the United States are using mail order husband services to find their partners per year. This does not count the larger number of women using traditional dating mediums to find partners abroad.

I am shocked to see this though. You can literally log onto any dating site and see an astronomical percentage of men to women. A woman posting her profile could expect to get a lot of responses simply because of supply and demand. So why do women even need to "resort" to a mail order husband?

My theory on all of this is that these women probably used online dating methods and gave up. There are a lot of men out there but many of them are (as one woman pointed out to me) liars, cheaters, fakes, not serious. The list goes on and on. Then there are a lot of women that are very educated and successful and American men fear that. By searching for men abroad, a woman could get a man that was seeking and desiring to come to the United States. She has the upper hand.

Another interesting thing to note about these searches is that women do not put a racial qualifier on their searches like men do. The majority of men add a qualifier like "asian", "russian", "mexican", "chinese" in front of their "mail order brides" search. Unlike men, women do not seem to care much about ethnic background.

For the unmarried, successful, and educated woman out there, I think it is too risky to deal with this type of a marital connection though. I would recommend anyone to use The majority of men on the site are Asian Indians but they are generally serious about their education (holding a Bachelors degree at a minimum), serious about their family, serious about the sanctity of marriage, and very successful. I also know Indian men to be far less picky about looks than American men, often preferring the thick woman over the scrawny model type. A simple perusal of the successful and popular Indian actresses will drive that fact home.

mail order husbands

mail order husbands

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