(sanskrit) bhAvAkUta n. the first emotions of love

Half Indian / Black
half indian half black

Half Indian/Chinesehalf indian half chinese

Half Indian / Filipino

half indian half filipino

Half White Children

In Western society, folks consider whites to be the baseline. And make comparisons of all interracial peoples to this standard.

If looking at it from that vantage point, whites are not very dominant -- because when mixed with any race, their hair will get darker and their skin gets a bit more tanned. An exception is when whites are mixed with Arabs or Indians. These individuals are said to have recessive white traits that extend from significant Aryan invasions and Persian invasions of the area. So when mixed with whites, these children will look at worst Southern European.

half indian half white
Sanjaya - half Indian, half White

Check out our the Indian-White combination pictures to see how they look.

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Half Indian / Japanese
half indian japanese

Half Indian / White
half indian white

Amisha Patel
Bollywood Actress Pictures

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