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half indian half black

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Half Indian Half White Babies - Children, Girls

half indian half white

[1/2 Indian, 1/2 Black]
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[1/2 Indian, 1/2 Filipino]
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Many folks often wonder what a mixed indian - half white baby would look like. The incidence of interracial marriages among Indian men and women are high in the United States, Canada, England, and Australia so the data is quite clear on this.

But a lot of it is up to perception to.

For the most part, many folks believe that half Indian, half white babies look very much like white people. In some senses this is true. North Indians have long been belived to hold Aryan blood in them.

North Indians have straight hair, long noses, and round eyes which separate them from Oriental asians but do not distinguish themselves from Europeans. What distinguishes them the most from Europeans is their darker skin, moles around their bodies, darkness around the eyes, and just plain darker eye and hair colors. The eye and hair color alone does not make them Indian because many Europeans do have black hair and dark eyes.

So when mixed, traits are taken from both sexes. If the hair is tinted any lighter than the black eyes. And the skin gets even a tad bit fairer, the child will look very much like a white child. At worst, it would look like a southern European. If the child does inherit dark skin then it will be obvious that the child is of either mixed or pure Indian descent.

This may have a lot to do with where the child is raised. In colder European, English climate, the child may not tan so much. And without a tan, the child will seem white.

The most famous of half Indian-half white people is Sanjay Malakar of American Idol.

From his looks, you can clearly see that he is of Indian origin. And pictured below is Serra Leone. She is of half Indian half white heritage too but her look is more white than it is Indian. Although all of her features are consistent with that of an Indian, her fair complexion adds to the confusion and makes her seem more white.

half indian half white girls

The same holds true for Irish, German, English, or French babies.

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Half Indian / Japanese
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Half Indian / White
half indian white

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