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Half Indian / Black
half indian half black

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Half Indian / Filipino

half indian half filipino

Half Indian, Half Filipino Babies

[1/2 Indian, 1/2 Black]
[1/2 Indian, 1/2 Chinese/Japanese]
[1/2 Indian, 1/2 Mexican]
[1/2 Indian, 1/2 White]

If you have come to this page, it is likely because you are either Indian or Filipino and are curious as to what the mixture of these babies will be.

Indians have less in common with Filipinos than they do with whites. When Indians are mixed with whites, skin tone is the overriding factor in our judgement as to what the baby looks the most like. With filipinos, there are wide differences and skin tone is not one of them.


Filipinos, by and large, have flat noses. Indians have long noses but there are some dravidian Indians with very flat noses. So it matters with whom we are talking about. The "bumbays" as the Filipinos call them are mostly from North India and they have long noses.


Although not as slanted as Chinese, Korean, or Japanese - Filipinos have very slanted eyes. Indians have very round eyes. The coloring around the eyes of Indians is also very dark, unlike Filipinos.

Skin Tone

Many filipinos would not like to admit this but their skin tone does not differ that much from the North Indians. There are many light skinned Filipinos but if you head to North of India, the skin tones are the same. It is just that the rest of India has very dark complexion.


With all this said, skin tone will not necessarily give it away the looks of the baby. Not so much as the eyes and nose. Even Filipinos that are born with long noses or round eyes are called "bumbay look" because they resemble the Indians. So if a child inherits the nose and eyes of his/her Indian parent, they would look more Indian. If they do not, and instead inherit these traits from the Filipina parent, they will look Filipino.

If the child does grow up to have dark features, they would be undoubtedly characterized as bumbay to most Filipinos even though the skin tone may have actually been inherited from the Filipino side.

Here is a pic of nojstradamus from Youtube. He is half-pinoy, half-bumbay mix as well. Because of his dark skin, he appears to be more Indian looking despite the fact that his eyes and nose are very pinoy.

half indian half filipino

By and large, the mixture of Indian and Filipinos will result in a child that looks more Indian. The long nose traits of Indians would get weeded out just a little bit by mixing with a Filipino, but would be long enough to be seen as Indian.

Despite that, some children could look very filipino too.

One of the more famous half Indian half Filipino mixtures is Shereen Ladera, aka Satya Vanii, who was crowned Miss Makati 2005. Here are two pictures of her.

half indian half filipino

half indian half filipino

And here's another girl. Her big eyes and long nose gives her the bumbay features but her light skin tone and small face makes her look more filipina. She definitely has both features but perhaps you could say she looks more filipina?

half indian half filipino

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Half Indian / Japanese
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Half Indian / White
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