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Indigenous Art and Craft of Indian Culture

The brass and bell metal work that are a part of the Indian culture have received worldwide acclaim. The expertise of working with metals had been ensconced in the Indian culture at about 2500 B.C. Since then this technology has been portrayed in several figurines and idols displayed in shrines and temples. The dancing figure of Lord Nataraja, an icon of the Chola dynasty and the embodiment of Indian classical dance, is an exquisite piece of art made from metal alloys.

Articles of household use, such as lamps, serving plates and bowls, items required in the worship of God, are till date produced in India from metals like gold, silver, copper, brass, bronze, and other alloys.. These and even the simple cooking utensils used in the day-to-day life, the nutcrackers, the water vessel (kalsi or kalash) with embossed borders, are all fascinating works of art - all of these exemplify the creative trend in Indian art and culture. The ornaments fashioned out of gold and other precious metals by Indian jewelers are so intricate and resplendent that they are treasured by the common men and royal families alike.

Woodcraft has also attained outstanding perfection in the hands of Indian artisans. The intricate and delicate carvings on the walls of ancient temples are astounding. The figurines and statuettes carved out of wood and stone show unparalleled and inimitable skill. Even the bullock-carts and wooden dolls made by local craftsmen are examples of their dexterity.

The humble, unpretentious earthenware are also part of the rich cultural heritage of India. The potters of Indian villages mould the clay into articles of myriad forms – jars, vessels, pots, tumblers, vases, plates – items of everyday use, brittle yet useful, sometimes ornate and decorative.

Ivory has been carved into lace-like textures in the hands of Indian craftsmen, forming fragile idols, trinkets, ornaments, combs and bedsteads. Their craftsmanship inspires awe.

The indigenous crafts of India are evidences of the perfection in artforms that has been attained through centuries in Indian Culture.



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