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Indian Girls In Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a long-established South Asian population. As of the 2006 by-census, there were at least 44,744 persons of South Asian descent in Hong Kong. Though many trade their roots in Hong Kong as far back as when most of the Indian subcontinent was still under British colonial rule, their nationality issues remain largely unsettled. However, recently an increasing number of them have been naturalised as Chinese nationals.

South Asians were in Hong Kong since 1841. Sikhs soldiers participated at the flag raising ceremony at Possession Point, Hong Kong in 1841 when the Captain Elliot declared Hong Kong a British possession. Sikhs, Parsis and other South Asians made many contributions to the well-being of Hong Kong. The earliest policemen in Hong Kong were Indians (Sikhs) and there are now quite a few South Asians, as well as Europeans, serving in the police force. The University of Hong Kong was founded on funds partially provided by an Indian Sir H.N.Mody, a close friend of the then governor. The 100-year-old Star Ferry was founded by Dorabji Naorojee. South Asians also founded the Ruttonjee Hospital, Mr. Belilos (a bagdadi Jew) is one the founders of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, Mr. Kadoorie owns the China Light and Power Company. All these century old institutions are still in operation today. Mr. Harilela (a Sindhi) owns the Holiday Inn Golden Mile while Mr. Chellaram is in Shipowning. The top Hong Kong civil servant was once an Indian Mr. Harnam Singh Grewal (a Sikh), whose family history in Hong Kong dates back to late 1800s, was the Secretary for Transport and the Secretary for Civil Service in the 1980s.



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