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Indian Girls In Guyana

Indo-Guyanese are mostly descendants of indentured labourers from India who are citizens or nationals of Guyana. They are often referred to as Indians or East Indians. Indo-Guyanese are the largest ethnic group identified by the official census, making up 43.45% of the population in 2002.

The majority of Indo-Guyanese are the descendants of the Indentured labourers who were brought from (then) British India, to what was then called British Guiana to work in sugar cane plantations after the abolition of slavery in 1833. These indentured labourers were firstly brought by ocean travel aboard the vessels Hesperus and Withby which arrived on May 5, 1838. Most Indo-Guyanese are Hindus; substantial minorities are Muslims and Christians.

Indo-Guyanese have made huge contributions to the economic and cultural growth and diversity to the Guyanese culture, festivals such as Holi, Deepavali and Eid are national holidays along with Indian Immigration Day (also referred to as Rama Khan day) which is celebrated on 5 May each year. Rama and Khan being the first two Indian nationals to set foot in Guyana.



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