(sanskrit) bhAvAkUta n. the first emotions of love

Modern Day Hindu Courtship

by Pralay

The Olden Days

Traditionally, hindus were arranged to be married. Arranged marriages came in different forms:

  • Boys/Girls were promised to each other during their childhood.
  • Couples were promised together without meeting.
  • Couples have a single meeting in person and both sides agree.

The hindu family has a great deal of involvement in the marriage process. According to the hindu belief system, a marriage is more than a joining of two souls, it is a joining of two families.

In today's modern society, the traditional marriage no longer works.

Modern day hindu courtship comprises which utilize family involvement comprises of the following scenarios:

  • Parents or family members introduce son/daughter to potential mates whom they know.
  • Parents put up a matrimonial ad in the newspaper and meet potential mates.
  • Boy/girl meet each other for a very brief period of time before getting married or enter an engagement for an extended period of time.

Increasing Popularity of Hindu Commercial Dating Services

But there are now increasing cases within the Hindu community where courtship is initiated by the two lovers themselves. They would either traditionally have met each other in person or online.

Online Indian dating sites are growing in number because boys and girls are seeking to find lovers themselves. A site like claims to have almost a half million successful matches.

Boys and girls create profiles of themselves and write about their likes, dislikes, ambitions, and interests. They talk about their own families and how they would like their preferred partner to be. After seeing a profile that seems compatible, one of the members initiates a contact with the other and then they begin to talk.

Some of the members of these sites are looking for a quick marriage and those are the traditional types. But most of the modern folks are looking to get to know each other on a deeper level for about 3-6 months. After that point, an engagement occurs.

The majority of the members of our site fall into the 3-6 month courtship period.



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