(sanskrit) bhAvAkUta n. the first emotions of love

The Indian Blind Date

Marriage is important in asian cultures. Women in these cultures are generally expected to get married early and because of this the men are too. Since all "the pretty" women are getting married young, a man that is too old will have limited dating partners as they get older.

So what ends up happening often is your parents and family members will try to hook you up with someone. You are generally expected to go on a blind date with the intention of having a serious relationship.

As a courtesy, you date this person even though you may or may not want to. My good friend Raghu was put on dates initiated by either his parents, family, or even neighbours at least once a month. As a courtesy, he went on the dates even though he did not feel like he was ready for any kind of a serious relationship.

The date goes a couple of ways.

  • You find out that you have nothing in common and the date is a sham. But you are forced to stick with the date as you were put together by family and friends. You end the date and nothing happens thereafter.
  • You make it clear ahead of the date that you are not really ready for anything serious and are only on the date because you did not want to turn down the person attempting the hook-up (generally a family member).
  • You both hit it off.
  • You are interested in the person you just dated but find out that they are not interested back.

In the modern sense, these blind dates generally do not work. It is not necessarily because the two people are completely incompatible. It is generally because of the pressure involved. The pressures of the families and friends involved in making the date happen gets tough.



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