(sanskrit) bhAvAkUta n. the first emotions of love

The Male Shaadi Lifer

by Pralay

There are four types of shaadi male users.

  1. The rush rush guy.
  2. The player.
  3. The good guy.
  4. The lifer.

Rush-Rush Guy
We all know about the rush rush guy. He is the one that talks dirty to you and asks you to marry him without even really knowing him that well. They are generally considered desperate and most women avoid them anyways.

The Player
They like talking to many women at a time on shaadi. They get a kick out of knowing that they are wanted and desired by many. limits the number of users you can send an interest to to 50 because of these guys. Women don't like these types of guys and for the most part can tell who is a player and who is not.

The Good Guy
These are the types of guys using to find their special soulmate. They do not excessively talk to girls on shaadi... preferring quality over quantity.

The Lifer
To the average person, guys that are lifers are generally considered either a player or a good guy. They are not desperate nor in any kind of a rush because they lack the ability to commit. Lifers are the types of people that will be on for a long time. They are not generally considered players because players will get bored fast. Thus the majority of Lifers are good guys. They talk to a very few number of girls and get very interested in them for a bit. Once it gets time to committ, they back down and start over again. They like the nice warm fuzzy feelings that come with starting a new relationship but they get bored sooner or later.

It is your duty to distinguish whether that nice guy you are talking to is a lifer or not. You need to really make sure that marriage is a possibility with this guy and that he is ready, able, and willing to commit. But don't scare him off by pressuring him!



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