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Arranged Marriage Divorce Rate - Success Rate

  • Under 4% of arranged marriages end in divorce. But you have to take that information in stride. Those who have arranged marriages are generally more traditional and in the traditional world... women that have divorces are considered second class citizens. So the divorce rate may be low but women may be just as unhappy in an arranged marriage as they are in a love marriage or a loveless marriage.

arranged marriage divorce rate

History of Arranged Marriage

Affects of Arranged Marriage on Bride and Groom in India

  • The affects of arranged marriages are felt most by the bride. Often giving up her career and family to take of her husband's family and children is not an easy task.

Where are Arranged Marriages Located?

  • Arranged marriages occur in many countries including: Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan.

How Do Arranged Marriages Happen?

  • In arranged marriages, families choose partners based on compatibility, culture, upbringing. They focus on issues that will foster a loving and fruitful relationship that will last a long time. So when a man or woman comes of marriage age, people around the community act as headhunters getting a man and a woman together if they see a fit.

Arranged Marriage and Controversial

  • The common perception is that this type of union is unfair to both partners because they do not get a say in whom they marry. But in today's society, the contrary is true. The bride and groom definitely have a say and choose a mate with the aid of their family.

Arranged Marriages in Today's Society

  • These days, people use profiles and biographies to help them sort out potential partners. It is frowned upon in today's society because people keep reverting back to the historical definition of an arranged marriage where neither the boy or girl has a choice. Being arranged can have its benefits.
  • Women used to get married as soon as they graduated from high school but now are getting maried after college.

The Advantages and Disadvantage of an Arranged Marriage

  • Advantage: Lower probability of divorce, stronger emphasis on family, future, and stability.
  • Disadvantage: Women are less free to explore their desires after marriage as these issues are generally placed on the backburner for the "family".
  • Advantage: In western society, many women may never get married because marriages are not arranged. This leads to what is called a "marriage crunch" where wome over the age of 40 are believed to never have the chance of being married.

Women and Men - Probability of Marriage over 40

  • Since the concept of an arranged marriage is pervasive in Indian culture, for many marriage has more to do with family and stability than love. Therefore, men and women seek life partners early in their lives so that they can attain a stable family of their own. Research on hindu dating sites like Shaadi has shown that less than 3% of the people searching for partners are over the age of 40.

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