(sanskrit) bhAvAkUta n. the first emotions of love
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Vasant Panchami

Wednesday January 20th, 2010. Vasant Panchami ... The day is also called Basant Panchami which falls in Falgun.

The festival of Vasant Panchami is dedicated to the goddess of learning, Saraswati. It is the celebrated on the 5th day of lunar month of Magh called the Magh Sud 5. Also known as the saraswati day, it is celebrated with great enthusiasm by the hindus all over the world. The Hindu temples all over the country(mainly India)and in some other parts of the world as well are full of activities on this day as it is also considered to be goddess Saraswati’s birthday.

A special importance is given to the color yellow on this day. Goddess saraswati is dressed in yellow garments and worshipped.Many rituals are carried out. Even the devotees try to wear yellow clothes.People exchange sweetmeats of yellowish hues with their friends and relatives.Ancestor worship known as Pitri Tarpan is also carried out by many people. People feed Brahmanas on this day and some also worship the god of love known as lord kamdev.

Places of learning such as schools, colleges etc.also organise special worship in devotion of Saraswati.Considered as a auspicious day for knowledge, children are often taught their first words on this day.This is also the day when the foundation stone for Kashi Hindu Vishwa Vidyalaya was laid by Pandit madan Mohan Malviya.Currently this institution is among world top class academic institutions.

Religious festivals and season are well interwoven in Hinduism. According to the individual’s faith and desires, people generally feel inclined to worship the presiding deity of the family. People also generally tend to accumulate wealth and power. According to the hindu religios texts, Kali Yuga which is the present age, the pursuit of money ,wealth, power, name and fame is everything to people and therefore accorded god-like status.

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