(sanskrit) bhAvAkUta n. the first emotions of love
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Sankranti in 2010 is on Thursday, the 14th of January.

Sankranthi is three day festival in Andhra Pradesh consisting of 1)Bhogi Panduga (Bhogi Pongal) 2)Pedda Panduga (Surya Pongal)and 3)Kanuma Panduga (Kanuma Pongal).

The auspicious day of Sankranthi is celebrated as auspicious three days festival especially in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh.The cultural greatness of Andhra Pradesh is at its best display during these three days.Women enjoy decorating and drawing infront of their houses,which is seen in every village and town of Andhra Pradesh. Many delicious sweets are prepared during this festival.Guests are invited especially the new in-laws so that people can mingle and enjoy the spirit of the festival together.

Many mythological roles are decorated by people themselves who come to beg during the festival. Another feature in this festival is Cock fighting. Though banned in Andhra Pradesh, it is a favourite pass time in Sankranthi. Huge bets are involved in these fights. Duirng Bhogi,the first day of festival, people burn all the old articles in their houses at night. Sankranti is the big festival and is on the second day. Every person wears a new dress on this day. They pray to their favourite God. Many sweets and dishes that are prepared for this day are offered to the Gods. Many guests are invited in this day for lunch and people enjoy eating together.The third day, Kanuma, is a day of reunion after the big day of the festival, Sankranthi. Sankranti is celebrated all over India.

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