(sanskrit) bhAvAkUta n. the first emotions of love
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Laxmi puja

Decided by the lunar calendar. 2009 date, 17 October. 2010 date, 5 November ..... On the third day, Laxmi puja and worship of cow is performed.

Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, fortune, power, luxury, beauty, fertility, and auspiciousness according to the Hindu mythology. She has the power to bestow her devotee with material fulfillment and contentment. She is described as restless and also at the same time maternal, with her arms raised to bless and grant blessings to her devotees

Shri, which is the word used for addressing a god, a holy person or a respectable person and is a sacred word that means Laxmi. Shri is associated with the material side of existence, just as the word `Om` is associated with the mystical side of life. Adding this word in front of a name evokes auspiciousness, grace, authority and divine blessings.

Goddess Laxmi is beleived to be said to be golden-handed.Where ever there is laxmi, there is said to be properity, as she is thought to pour out the riches to the community. Apart from blessing with the material aspect of existence, she also blesses one with moral and ethical values giving the power of the mind and intellect. According to the hindu myhtology, before a seeker enters into the understandings of the spiritual knowledge, the wealth of goddess laxmi has to be acquired. This is the reason why Laxmi is worshipped before Saraswati (goddess of Knowledge) during the devi-puja.

Laxmi is depicted as a possessor of great beauty. She is depicted in both standing as well seated postures. However she is always shown on a lotus.She also holds two lotuses in her hands.

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