(sanskrit) bhAvAkUta n. the first emotions of love
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Amavasya 2010 is when?

Amavasya represents the end of the Moon's waning phase, after which it grows in size and radiance. This is the reason that Amavasya is considered auspicious by Hindus. However, this view is not universal. In certain parts of the country, it is believed that Amavasya might bring bad luck. In Tamil Nadu, only certain functions are performed on this day. Events like weddings or moving to a new house are generally avoided during Amavasya. Certain rituals or important activities like urgent travel or going for job interviews can be undertaken after appeasing the gods.

The Amavasya vibrations are believed to be especially conducive for men, while the Pournami (full moon) vibrations are particularly conducive for women. On these days, it is customary for Hindus to offer prayers late into the night. In the tradition, these days are held as special days for the spiritual seeker. Any meditation or prayer performed on these days has a greater impact on the functioning of the human body and leads to greater energy in the system. Even so, there are many myths and rumors surrounding the day of Amavasya. Some people believe that since the moon does not make an appearance on this day, it cannot be good for mankind. Since the moon is one of the most important planets in astrology and the Dasa and Bhukthi are fixed with it, people say that no one can fix a day when the moon is in the lowest ebb.

The reason why "Shradda" or monthly rituals for ancestors are performed on Amavasya is that the ancient Hindus believed that it would bring peace to the souls of the dead. It is also said that black magic and all evil acts can be used as Amavsaya tithi.

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