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Panipuri is a popular street snack in India. It is the most popular snack at the chaat shops throughout India. Pani Puri comprises of a crisp,round, hollow puri fried and filled with spiced water called Pani , a mixture of tamarind water, jaljeera, etc. Potato and chickpeas may also be filled in the Puris. Pani puri is also known as golgappa in many parts of north india.

Pani Puri is composed of a hollow, puffed round dough called puri. This is stuffed with spicy potato stuffing and dipped in a spicy masala water to fill up the hollow dough. A small hole is made on the top center of the dough and the potato stuffing is filled inside the hollow dough. It is then dipped in the masala water and served.

At different regions in India, the stuffing and water is made differently. Jaljeera, tamarind water, rassam, etc are many types of flavored water that is used to fill up the puris. In most parts of north india, two types of water is used. One is sweet and the other one is spicy and sour. The puri shells are filled with both of them so that the pani puri has a sweet-sour flavor.

Though Pani puris can be prepared at home, they are mostly consume at chaat shops. Typical way of presenting pani puri is to present one on the plate at a time. The pani puri has to be put into the mouth at one go. Once it is consumed, the next one is made and placed on the plate.

Making the puris is a difficult job as they are very light and delicate. But these are very easily available in most Indian shops. So instead to preparing the puris, its easier to buy them off he shelf. For the Paani you will need, 4 cups water, 6 tbsps jaljeera powder, some fresh coriander leaves, some fresh mint leaves, green chillies according to taste, garlic paste, lemons and ice to chill. For the filling we need 4 potatoes boiled and chopped fine, salt , 2 cups boiled, salted and mashed chickpeas, 2 cups of tamarind sause.

To make the Paani for Paani Puri, grind the mint leaves, coriander leaves, garlic and green chillies into a smooth paste. Add the Jaljeera powder, lime juice and crushed ice into water. Chill this water till you are ready to serve the Paani Puri. Now fill different cans with puris, paani, fillings and chutneys. . Give small bowls to those you are serving. Fill a Puri with a little potato and chickpea. Fill it with some tamarind chutney. Now dip the filled Puri into the vessel containing the spicy jaljeera paani , fill it up to the brim and serve.

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Dal moth is a spicy and crispy snack made from gram flour, asafoetida, turmeric powder, chili powder, moong, sugar, amchur, oil and salt. Its delicious and is popular as an anytime snack or serves as a very good tea snack. [See Recipe]

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