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Pepsi-Cola, commonly called Pepsi, is a very popular cola soft drink in India. It is produced and manufactured by PepsiCo.

Pepsi-Cola was first made in New Bern, North Carolina in 1890s by pharmacist Caleb Bradham. He called the drink "Brad's drink". In 1898, its name was changed to "Pepsi-Cola". There are many theories as to how the name was coined.

Pepsi was initially intended as a cure for stomach pains. In 1923, Pepsico went bankrupt due to high sugar prices and was sold to Roy C. Megargel. In 1931, the company again went bankrupt, resulting in a reformulation of the Pepsi-Cola syrup formula.

PepsiCo entered India in 1988, by getting into a joint venture with the government-owned Punjab Agro Industrial Corporation (PAIC) and Voltas India Limited. This joint venture produced goods under the name Lehar Pepsi until 1991, after the opening up of the economy by the finance minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. In 1994, PepsiCo bought out its partners and became a wholly owned unit.

The main competitor of Pepsi is Coke as both are cola drinks. Pepsi is believed to have more lemon oil, less orange oil, and uses vanillin rather than vanilla. It is sweeter than coke. Pepsi claims that drinkers prefer sweeter drinks and Pepsi had the advantage over Coca-Cola because it is much sweeter. Still, Coca-Cola continues to outsell Pepsi in India as with almost all areas of the world.

The basic ingredients found in Pepsi-Cola are water, fructose, corn syrup, sugar, permitted colors, phosphoric acid, caffeine, citric acid and natural flavors.

In 2003 and then again in 2006, the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), a New Delhi based non-governmental organizationi, found that soda drinks produced by most of the manufacturers in India, including Pepsi and Coca-Cola, had dangerously high levels of pesticides in their drinks, much higher than the interntionally accepted levels. Drink manufacturers like PepsiCo and The Coca-Cola Company state that their drinks are safe for consumption and have published numerous newspaper advertisements stating that the pesticide levels in their products are much lesser than those in other foods prepared from potable water such as tea. .

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Dal moth is a spicy and crispy snack made from gram flour, asafoetida, turmeric powder, chili powder, moong, sugar, amchur, oil and salt. Its delicious and is popular as an anytime snack or serves as a very good tea snack. [See Recipe]

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