(sanskrit) bhAvAkUta n. the first emotions of love

Rajiv Satyal - Indian Comedian

rajiv satyal

Rajiv Satyal is a former engineer turned comedian. He has many jokes. His website is called He went on an 8 city tour with Russell Peters and Dan Nainan - opening shows up for him.

One of his funny jokes that he says is about how the white folks in the audience are thinking "what are we? outsourcing comedy to India now". This is funny because of the great comedians like Peters, Nainan, and Satyal.

He says he is from the midwest (Southwest Ohio). He was the only kid who was not called during roll call. His name was a "pause" and a "frown". Whenever someone any shade of brown comes on television, the other kids would think he knows despite the fact that they may have been Mexican.

During bhajans, he would never be able to remember anything even though he could memorize musics. Most people he says just hums what they don't know.

It does not matter if you are a hindu, muslim, or christian -- all Indians are cheap. Instead of doing a soap refill, his parents would fill up with water the soap bottle when it was only a quarter full. At Subway, his parents would pick up napkins. His parents have a $15,000 dining table but with Subway napkins on the top.

When his dad orders food at KFC, he says "two legs" and "two boobs".

He says his parents drive around to shop for the cheapest gasoline as if it were the stock market.

Other Comedians: Azhar Usman, Dan Nainan, Neerja Sharma, Ron Josol, Russell Peters, Sugar Sammy, Vidur Kapur.



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