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Dan Nainan - Indian / Japanese Comedian

dan nainan

Dan Nainan is half Indian, half Japanese. From his looks, you would think that he is Indonesian because he has hybrid of the two looks.

He begins his act sometimes saying the audience looks at him and wonders what he is.

"So you're probably wondering, what race is that guy?"

To which he says, "My dad is from Indian and my mom is from Japan. I get my sushi from 7-11. I am like Harold and Kumar. My mom is so Japanese that when I was born, I came out cordless. So I am driving with my parents one day, we see these cows grazing in the field. Graze, for example, a cow can graze. Or you can be grazed by a bullet. To which his mom says or it is a kind of a donut. I told that joke, true story, at a show for 5,000 Japanese people and nobody got it. They come up to me afterwards, you are very funny but we don't understand graze donut joke. Well, it is about the L and the R. They say no prease exprain. "

"Some people say, so your dad is from India and your mom is from Japan so that makes you half Asian. Where do they think India is from, Antarctica? 20% of school children can't find Earth on a map of Earth. But I am just glad my parents gave me an easy name like Daniel Nainan instead of a hybrid like Sanjay Hashimoto or Mahatma Mitsubishi."

Other Comedians: Azhar Usman, Neerja Sharma, Rajiv Satyal, Ron Josol, Russell Peters, Sugar Sammy, Vidur Kapur.




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