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Indian Comedians

Russell Peters will be in Los Angeles, CA soon for his Green Card tour. You can bet that I am excited for this. Like super duper excited.

russell peters

Sugar Sammy is one of the funniest Indian comedians out there. He rivals Russell Peters among some people but not overall and not in popularity.

sugar sammy

Dan Nainan is half Indian, half Japanese. From his looks, you would think that he is Indonesian because he has hybrid of the two looks.

dan nainan

Azhar Usman was one of the comedian performers on Allah Made Me Funny. It was about Muslim comedians. Azhar is from India.

azhar usman

Rajiv Satyal is a former engineer turned comedian. He has many jokes. His website is called He went on an 8 city tour with Russell Peters and Dan Nainan - opening shows up for him.

rajiv satyal

Neerja Sharma is a lesser known comedian. She put together a show called "Neerja" in conjunction with Del Valle Productions.

neerja sharma


Raju Srivastav is one of the funniest Indian comedians from India. But his act is in Hindi so although he has fame in India, he is little known among NRIs and others.

raju srivastava

Ron Josol is a Filipino comedian. One of the main jokes he uses when he leads off his acts is about his appearance. He is a very big guy.

ron josol

This is one of Kapur's bits: Vidur Kapur has three strikes against and does not fit in anywhere. is Indian, gay, and an immigrant. The gays don't like him because he's Indian. The Indians don't like him because he's gay. And the rest of the Americans don't like him because he is a "terrorist".

vidur kapur

Tapan Trivedi usually begins his act by telling his audience, "don't be scared" and explains that the reason they should not be scared is because he is not a muslim but a hindu.

tapan trivedi



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