(sanskrit) bhAvAkUta n. the first emotions of love
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andhra university

Madura College

Madura College is a 100 years old traditional college in Madurai. Established by a group of service-minded people, the Madura College is now an autonomous institution affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University. The College has recognized centers for research leading to Ph.D. Degree in Zoology (from 1986), Tamil (from 2002), Botany and Philosophy (from 2003) and Physics (from 2004).

The College offers 9 Post-Graduate programs and 7 Under-Graduate courses. The various disciplines of study are Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, English Language and literature, Tamil Language and Literature, Economics, Sociology, Philosophy, and Zoology. The College has 5 Departments recognized as Research departments by the Madurai Kamaraj University. Candidates are admitted as full-time non-stipendiary research scholars. Part-time research by teachers is also encouraged.

The college library has a Local Area Network installed in the library with a server and three workstations. The books and non-book materials have been bar-coded and almost all the modules in the library have been automated. Broadband Internet connection for the students is available. The books are classified according to Colon Classification.

As regular activities, the NSS students take part in services such as traffic regulation at important junctions of the Madurai city, poor children’s education at Government Schools, maintenance of garden club and post office service on the campus, scribe service for blind students, helping authorities to control crowds in festivals, conducting awareness programs on AIDS, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, and other socially relevant problems. Apart from these; the NSS units organize programs on Population Education, Adult Education, Literary & Continuing Education and Blood donation.

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