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Indian Dark Circles Under Eyes

There is no uniform homogenous Indian face. Some very dark, some very light. Some with straight hair, some with curly hair. Hair colors vary in shades from brown to jet black -- same with the eyes. Though some Indians have gray eyes. Some have long noses, some wide.

The one characteristic common to most Indians is the dark circles under the eyes and for many Indians this is not very aesthetically pleasing.

I know it is an issue for me when I look at my own pictures but it is even more so of a problem for my mom. I have seen personal examples of extreme darkness around some Indians.

I have not done anything to address this personally and I might not for a long time -- not until I feel technology has improved to a point where it is:

  • safe
  • predictable (history of success)
  • cost effective
  • scientifically sound
  • permanent or at least long lasting

If you want to read a writeup of mine that talks about a surgery that I have performed, you can read my laser hair removal story.

Now there is no exact surgery specifically geared towards brightening up the darkness around Indian eyes but there are some things that can be done with existing technology and medicine.

First of all, we have to understand why Indians have darkness around their eyes. I am not completely sure but it is due to a combination of darker pigmentation and hollowness around the eyes.


Hollowness under the eyes cause the capillaries underneath to show up. Causing your eyes to appear darker.

The hollowness can be fixed by injecting fillers. But fillers only last about 6 months to 18 months and according to my dermatologist, are not very successful for people of East Indian origin.

I have read that fat grafting can easily fix this by harvesting one's own fat from the abdomen and putting it underneath the eyes. The body accepts this as it's own fat and is supposedly permanent. I was quoted about $8,000 by Dr. Seckel of Boston after he examined my photos.

Here is a sample photo that I had sent to the doctor.

indian hollow eyes dark circles

The bags under my eyes follow a nice trough shape which leads me to believe that the darkness is due to hollowness instead of pigmentation.

After extensively researching about fat grafting, I have become the most confident about that procedure. But I have come to learn that the results may not be as good as you want. It is not entirely certain how much fat has to be grafted and it may not even be even on both sides after it is all settled, therefore requiring additional visits. If each visit is $8,000, wowsers! Though I did not discuss what the price would be for follow-up visits with Dr. Seckel since I was not even really interested in the first visit.


According to Dr. Suman Khulbe of Canada, the pigmentation issue can be fixed by Vitamin K creams. I have never topically applied Vitamin K but I have taken it orally and it does not seem to have much impact. But I will try Vitamin K cream for a while for the purpose of this website and let you know. Even though I believe my dark bags are due to hollowness, it never hurts to eliminate pigmentation as one of the factors.

Another Vitamin I came across that I heard might help is Niacin (Vitamin B-3). It is a strong tyrosinase inhibitor (TI) which would result in less uneven skin tone. It is also essential for capillary buildup and healthy skin. Some sources online that I read state that Niacin can cause liver damage if taken in high doses. I have been taking an already high dose of 500mg daily for about 3 months for a healthy lipid profile and though I have much healthier cholesterol levels, my eyes appear to be dark but possibly a little bit better.

New Procedure: Selphyl

I mentioned earlier that fat grafting can likely fix the hollowness under the eyes but it's major drawback is the cost and possible need for follow-ups. There is a new procedure out called selphyl.

Selphyl is a process that takes one's own platelets and injects them under the eyes. This tells your body to produce more collagen and thus buildup the area under your eyes. But I have not seen any reports of this working on people of East Indian origin nor anybody to claim that it does. From having scoured Youtube and the web, the price for this procedure seems to be in the $1,000 range which is not prohibitive but it is not something that I would pursue because it does not have much of a history and it only lasts for about 18 months.

If there are any Indians out there that have had selphyl surgery done, please let me know.

After Picture




indian hollow eyes after pic

The darkness around my eyes seem to be slightly better than before. I cannot attribute the improvement to any one single event or action since many things have happened simultaneously.

  1. Lost some weight.
  2. Reduced salt intake. Salt causes our bodies to retain water even underneath the eyes and the bags can seem worse.
  3. Niacin therapy. 500 mg daily. (Taken for purposes of cholesterol).
  4. New pigmentation serum offered by my doctor. The pigmentation is filled with natural ingredients like Bearberries and Citrus extracts to help even skin tone. This would fix any pigmentation inconsistencies under the eyes.

It is possible there hasn't been any improvement. Some of this could just be due to better sleep patterns or what not. Or even just the lighting of the picture. Look at my moles two below the left eye and one below the right eye.



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