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China Tour, History, Culture, Economy

China History

China, which is one of the oldest civilizations, has history dating as far back as 1055 BC. The first inhabitants of the country are believe to have been from Africa and Asia over 50,000 years ago. As the people's skills in agriculture grew, the population also grew and began to form what is now what we know as China. Although China has gone through many instances of war and violent dynastic changes, it has still managed to keep a majority of support and dedication from the people of the country.

The Chinese Civil War was fought from April 1927 all the way until December of 1949. Kuomintang, the Chinese Nationalist party, were in conflict with the Communist Party of China over control of certain territories and allegiance. In 1946, The United States attempted to mediate a truce but the war resumed soon after. The United States supported the Chinese Nationalists by giving them loans but did not bother to send any of the military help that they needed. The Nationalists eventually grew too weak to continue and the Communists got their opportunity to take control. As a result of this war, the Communists gained control over the the majority of the land and changed the capitol city of Beiping back to its original name, Beijing.

China Economy

China is still considered a developing country, which has a low per capita income. Its major growth has come from the late 1970's into the late 1990's as the result of the economic liberalization policies. The decentralized economic system that China has is posing quite a challenge as it is trying to balance with the centralized political system.

The leading occupation in the entire country is agriculture, even though it is only 20% of the nation's income. It is by far the world's leader in production of rice, wheat, cotton, and tobacco. Livestock is also in large production, particularly red meat. Due to the decentralized nature of the country, it created economic zones as an attempt to bring in investment from foreign countries. This was a definite success as the industrial industries went through substantial growth.

In recent years, China's economy is growing so rapidly that the leader's are worried that it will lead to the countries' downfall. This growth has caused a capitalistic shift, which is great for their economy, but because it is a Communist country, it is bad for the leadership. For this reason, the countries' leaders are trying to prevent anymore economic growth in the future to keep themselves in a position of safety.

China Culture/Religion

The religion in China is so diverse that it has five popular religions among its' people. Christianity, Taoism, Islam, Buddhism, and Confucianism are the main religions that dominate the country. Due to the fact that some of the religions do not incorporate the figure of God, it has been argued that some religions are merely just philosophies. For example, Taoism is an organization that is centralized around temples, monks, and priests. However, Confucianism is based on intellect and philosophy. Somewhere between 70 and 150 million of the people in China are Buddhists. This religion is based on the enlightenment teachings if Siddhartha Gautama Buddha. Four percent of the Chinese people practice the religion of Islam, which is the monotheistic meaning that they accept Allah as their only God.

Confucianism is the following of the moral, philosophical, and political doctrine of the understanding of the Chinese thinker Confucius. It is considered more of a political party or social class than a religion to some people. Confucius was famous for his social philosophy that has been passed through time as an influence to the people who follow his beliefs. The basis surrounds morality, being sincere, social justice, and social correctness throughout one's daily life.



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