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Udita Goswami Height

Udita Goswami

Name: Udita Goswami

Height: 5'7.5"

Date of Birth: 2 September 1984

Birthplace: India

Address: -

Udita Goswami is known as one of Bollywood's hottest bombshells. The twenty-two year old green eyed goddess is becoming a shooting star in the film industry after claiming her fame as a host of the popular Channel V. The model turned actress' fashion sense has been ocassionally inspired by Mariah Carey.

Udita Goswami was a successful model for Pepsi, Titan Watch and Nokia before being approached by veteran Indian actress Pooja Bhatt to appear in her directorial debut. Udita jumped at the shot to do the film, PAPP. She recalls being very nervous that first day of shooting, but was put at ease by Pooja's joking coaching.

PAAP featured Udita as a girl living in a Buddhist monastery. A place where she was happy until she fell in love with a character played by Udita's leading man, John Abraham. The film follows the young lover's systematic rebellion and the triangle between girl, boy girl loves, and the father that is furious at them both. The film was panned by critics. In spite of a dismal reception, Udita was praised for her stirring performance. The on-screen chemistry between the couple was striking.

Udita gave acting another go, this time as a vixen in Zeher. The film, which also starred Emraan Hashmi and Shamita Shetty, is considered Udita's real break into the acting world. And the fact that the film was met with starch controversy only helped it in it's moderate popularity.

The musicial score was the film's first problem. The Pakistani rock band Jal accused the film producers of copyright infringement over use of their song Woh Lamhe. The second problem was the script itself. Zeher is the story of a married pair of police officers stuck in a relationship that is on the rocks. Emraan Hashmi's character ends up in bed with the character played by Udita Goswami. She later ends up in the middle of a dirt nap. The wife is assigned to the case and all signs point to hubby.

If the plot sounds familiar, then you have probably seen the 2003 American film, Out of Sight, starring Denzel Washington, Sanaa Lathan and Eva Mendez. Zeher is believed to have completely redone the American film, right done to the plot, action and dialogue. Udita Goswami has also appeared in the movie Aksar.





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