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Rhona Mitra Height

Rhona Mitra

Name: Rhona Mitra

Height: 5'8"

Date of Birth: 9 August 1976

Birthplace: Paddington, London, England, UK

Address: -


This British actress was born on August 9, 1976 in Paddington, London. Rhona’s mother, Nora, is an Irish catholic while her father, Anthony, is half Indian (Bengali) and half English. Rhona was raised a Roman Catholic. In 1984, unfortunately Rhona’s parents got divorced and Rhona was shipped off to a boarding school. Rhona was expelled from two boarding schools for misdemeanors.

She was expelled from Roedean for taking another student’s car to the local boy’s school at the age of 14 after one of her friends squealed about her to the headmistress. In her second school she was expelled because other girls used to blame her for all the mischief and parents complained asked her to be removed from the school. Later on Rhona attended a drama school so that she could pursue a career in acting.

She landed several acting gigs in the UK and a presenting job during the mid to late 1990's and moved to American television in several episodes of Party of Five in 2000. She has had small roles in several notable films to date, Beowulf in 1999, Hollow Man in 2000, Get Carter also in 2000, Sweet Home Alabama in 2002, and The Life of David Gale in 2003. Additionally, she appeared in the last season of The Practice and the role she played of Tara Wilson was carried over to Boston Legal. She left after the second season to act in two more films, Skinwalkers and The Number 23. Many speculate that her breakout role will soon arrive and she will reach super star status in the coming years.

Rhona has had quite a successful acting career. She acted in the final season of The Practice and then continued to act in Boston Legal which was a spin off of The Practice. She left after the second season of Boston Legal to act in two films, Skinwalkers and The Number 23 with Mark Wahlberg.

She is also acting in Nip/Tuck. Rhona was the live action model for the Lara Croft video game. She underwent a breast augmentation surgery so that she would be able to fit into the skin of the fictional character she was playing for the video game.

Rhona had taken a special media course so that she could be confident like Lara Croft when doing interviews. She even sang a single entitled Getting Naked for the video game which ultimately was not used in the game. Unfortunately, Eidos Interative, the maker of Lara Croft video game, fired and replaced her with Nell McAndrew.




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