(sanskrit) bhAvAkUta n. the first emotions of love


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Rambha Height


Name: Rambha

Height: 5'4"

Date of Birth: 5 June,1970

Birthplace: Vishakapatanam, Andhra Pradesh, India

Address: -

When it comes to Hindu mythology, Rambha is the all-powerful Queen of the Apsarases. The Apsarases are a sect of magical and mystically beautiful girls that live in Devaloka. Devaloka is the address of all of the Hindu gods. So, just think the Pussycat Dolls meets mythology.

The Rambha of myths is a gifted dancer, music lover, and she is not bad when it comes down to making love, either. There is another Rambha. The Rambha of South Indian films. A girl who rose to fame as an unstoppable beauty, a vixen. The same Rambha who is not currently experiencing the glory of film star heyday.

Rambha has made a number of Telugu films for the Tollywood film industry. She enjoyed a number of successful and easily became known as a film beauty in her own right. But as Rambha grew old, her acting prospects dried up.

One of the most unsuccessful films of Rambha's career was the Charlie's Angels spinoff, Three Roses. Three Roses was directed by Parameshwar. In the film, Rambha acted alongside Laila, Rajan P. Dev, Abbas and Jai Akash. The film featured lots of singing and dancing...with guns and was dubbed as the Spice Girls meet G.I Joe. Not only did the film put Rambha in debt, but it proved to be a big box office stink bomb.

Rambha's next on screen venture will come in her first multi-lingual performance. The movie, which will be shot in Hindu, Telugu and Hindi, will feature Rambha as a prostitute. The untitled motion picture features a violent rape scene and is presently being shopped to studios.




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