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Mala Sinha Height

Mala Sinha

Name: Mala Sinha

Height: 5'5''

Date of Birth: 11 November, 1936

Birthplace: Calcutta, West Bengal, India

Mala Sinha was one of the leading actresses of the Hindi film industry in the 1960s. unlike her contemporaries, she refused to be reduced to the level of an arm candy only, instead, she acted in substantial roles and often the success of her films were as much her contribution as the leading male actors'. She did star in some smaller banners but her role had to be the core of the narration.

Mala Sinha was born in a Nepali Christian family. With her slanting eyes and average figure, she knew that it was not looks, but sheer talent, that could help her gain a foothold in the showbiz. Mala started her career modestly in the early 1950s with Bengali films like Roshanara. Within a few years, she relocated to Mumbai and made a humble debut in 1954 with Badshah. Next she starred in a lead role in Kishore Sahu's Hamlet. At the time of the filming of Kidar Sharma's Rangeen Raatein (1956), hero Shammi Kapoor's girlfriend, the effervescent Geeta Bali took upon herself the task of grooming the shy Mala Sinha. Her stellar performance in Guru Dutt's Pyaasa (1957) as the mercenary woman who ditches her poverty-stricken poet lover (Guru Dutt) to marry a millionaire publisher (Rehman), where she emoted with her eyes despite not uttering a single word of penitence, left the audience awestruck. She went on to sign three films with the veteran filmmaker Raj Kapoor: Parvarish (1958), Phir Subah Hogi (1958) and Main Nashe Mein Hoon (1959). Based on Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Crime And Punishment, the bleak Phir Subah Hogi displayed Mala in a refreshingly restrained and nuanced act.

Mala Sinha had started acting in the days of the black-and-white films, but when Technicolor came, she reinvented her looks and surprised the audience with a slim and svelte appearance in films like Aankhen, donning a figure-hugging gown to the memorable number Gairon pe karam apnon pe sitam. Even when she entered her mid 30s, unlike other actresses she still looked elegant in chiffon saris and butterfly blouses in Maryada, where her charismatic performance in the flirtatious Chupke se dil de de enthralled the audience. In 1959, Mala acted in another role with negative undertones in B R Chopra's Dhool Ka Phool, Yash Chopra's debut directorial venture, in which she abandons her illegitimate child.

In her subsequent works, however, Mala Sinha forfeited subtlety for melodrama unapologetically because her movies were successful. A trio of hits in 1962 - Anpadh, Hariyali Aur Raasta and Dil Tera Deewana - were followed by the best performance of her career, B R Chopra's Gumraah (1963). She portrayed the role of a woman obligated by circumstances to get married to her sister's widower (Ashok Kumar), but is beleaguered by the existence of her ex-lover (Sunil Dutt). The audience could identify and sympathize with Mala's character's predicament over whether to give in to an extramarital affair from the way she humanized the role. Her next film, Himalaya Ki God Mein (1965), where she played a rural damsel, was a huge hit. Next, Guru Dutt cast Mala in the author-backed role of a working woman involved in a fruitless romance, in his production, Baharen Phir Bhi Aayegi. After his demise, Dharmendra filled in as the lead. Since Mala Sinha was goaded by woman centric films, she had no qualms about acting opposite relative newcomers and rising stars like Dharmendra (Anpadh), Manoj Kumar (Hariyali), Sanjay Khan (Dillagi) and Amitabh Bachchan (Sanjog), besides doing 10 films with Biswajeet. On the other hand, she refused to play unsubstantial roles even opposite a stalwart like Dilip Kumar.

Even after her marriage in 1968 to Nepali actor C P Lohani, with whom she had acted in the Nepalese film, Maiti Ghar, she had a huge success playing a Japanese girl in Aankhen. But after the birth of her daughter Pratibha, Mala's success began to ebb. Subsequently, she won rave reviews for her poignant performance as Sanjeev Kumar's middle-aged wife in Zindagi. She did appear in some character roles. But after Khel in 1992, she has retired from acting. Mala Sinha's long-distance affair marriage has lasted 34 years even though she lived in Mumbai and her husband, in Kathmandu. Her daughter Pratibha also ventured into films but despite her sweet face and lively eyes, her career never took off.

Mala Sinha's Landmark Films:

1957 Pyaasa Guru Dutt
1958 Phir Subah Hogi
1959 Dhool Ka Phool
1962 Hariyali Aur Raasta
1963 Gumraah
1963 Bahurani
1965 Himalaya Ki God Mein
1966 Aasra
1968 Do Kaliyan
1968 Aankhen




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