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Jaya Prada Height

Jaya PradaName: Jaya Prada (Jayapradha)

Height: 5' 5 "

Date of Birth: 3 April 1962

Birthplace: Andhra Pradesh, India

Address: 51,Shahaka Building, B Road,Church Gate, Mumbai - 400020

Jaya Prada (also known as Jayaprada) was born Lalita Rani on April 3, 1962 in Rajahmundry, Andra Pradesh. Jaya was once called "the most beautiful face on the Indian screen" by the late legendary Indian director, Satyajit Ray. Sure enough, she went on to become one of Tollywood's and Bollywood's shooting stars. Tollywood refers to the film industry for the Telugu language.

Jaya Prada's life has been one filled with paralyzing bouts with depression. Jaya has tried to commit suicide twice. She got her start in films after deciding that college just was not her thing. She left Kandukuri Rajyalakshmi Women's College to star in the Tegulu film, Devude Digivaste. She also appeared in a film in Tamil called, Ninaithaale Inikkum. Devude Digivaste was followed up by another Tollywood Tegulu film hit, Sirisiri Muvva.

The success of Sirisiri Muvva gave Jaya Prada her golden ticket into Bollywood. The 1979 Bollywood film, Sargam was a remake of Sirisiri Muvva. Not only was the film a sensationnal success, Jaya was nominated for a Filmfare award in the category of Best Actress. The Filmfare nod opened a whole new arena of acting option for Jaya in Bollywood.

By the eighties, Jaya was making appearances in many Hindu films. A number of successful films during this period featured her as the girlfriend of characters played by Amitabh Bachchan and Jeentendra. In fact, Jaya Prada earned a second Flimfare nomination for the film Sharabi in which she played the endearing young girlfriend of Amitabh Bachchan. Her third Filmfare nomination came in recognization of her work in the 1985's Sanjog.

In 1986, Jaya Prada married film producer Srikanth Nahata. The country went into an uproar. See, Srikanth was already a married father. Jaya Prada and Srikanth Nahata celebrated their twentieth wedding anniversary in 2006....he is still married to his first wife. Jaya Prada has since left the film industry and has pulled into the political arena.



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