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Gopika Height


Name: Gopika

Height: 5' 6.5"

Date of Birth: -

Birthplace: -

Address: -

Gopika is an Bollywood actress born in the Malayalam town of Kerala. Kerala is amongst advanced states in India. The city is held up worldwide as an example of what developing countries can become with enough time and a little hard work. Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India, the lowest rate of infant deaths and the highest level of life expectancy in India. Growing up in a place like Kerala made excelling pretty easy for Gopika.

The daughter of Hunto Francis and Dessy Hunto, Gopika was born Karli and grew up close to her only sister, Klinli. As a child, Gopika studied classical dance, a talent that has come in pretty handy in her career as a film star. After completing high school, Gopika went on to attend Calicut University where she studied sociology. She was a standout a school, known as the girl with charming ways and a sweet smile.

Gopika was certain she had her life all planned out. She intended to become an airline flight attendant, who are called air hostesses in India, but a simple beauty pageant changed everything. Gopika was crowned Miss. College by her classmates right before graduation, and she enjoyed the experience so much that she decided to continue of the pageant circuit.

Gopika entered Miss.Thisloor beauty pageant, and althoug she did not win, the beauty pageant served as a stepping stone and Gopika received many modeling contracts as a result. Her work in print modeling lead the way of many Indian models, she entered the vast film industry. Gopika's film and dubbing working includes, Kanaa Kandan, Thotti Jaya, Autograph, Four Students, and Ponniyin Selvin.




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