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Mohan Lal Height


Name: Mohan Lal

Also known as: Padmasree Bharath Mohanlal and Lalettan
Height: 5'7"
Date of Birth: 21 May , 1960
Birthplace: Pathanamthitta, Kerala, India
Parents: Elanthoorkkara Manappadathu Memuriyil Advocate Viswanathan Nair and Smt. Santhakumari
Elder Brother: Pyare Lal
Wedding Date: 28 April 1988
Spouse: Suchitra
Children: Pranav and Vismaya.
Address: 11-A Manohan Avenue, Casa Major Road, Igmore, Chennai- 600008
Phone: 044-8250493.
Occupation: Malayalam Actor, Owner of Pranavam Arts(Film Production Company) and Pranamam(Film Distribution Agency), Director of Uni Royal Marian Exports.
Hobby: Collecting antiques and artifacts and has an enviable collection of paintings

Mohanlal, the veteran actor of the Malayalam film industry, has acted in over 270 films and has been acclaimed for his performances in both mainstream and alternative films.

Mohanlal completed his schooling from Mudavanmukal School and Model School (Thiruvananthapuram) and obtained his B.Com degree from M.G. College (Thiruvananthapuram). Renowned film director Priyadarsaan was his childhood acquaintance. In their early age they were not great friends, but their united passion for Cinema brought them together and Mohanlal went on to work with Priyan in 27 films.
He married Suchitra, the daughter of veteran actor-producer K. Balaji and has two children.

As a person, Mohanlal is very shy and has confessed of getting nervous when interviewed.

During his college days, Mohanlal founded a company called Bharath Cine Group along with his friends and began shooting his first film titled Thiranottam, in which he enacted the role of a mentally retarded servant. The movie was directed by his college mate Ashok Kumar. Regrettably, the film never got to see the light of the day due to some conflict with the censor board.

Mohanlal was a proficient wrestler. He was preparing for the National championship in Delhi when he was asked by Navodaya Productions to audition for the role of Narendran in Manjil Virinja Pookkal (1980) directed by Fazil. His friends had sent his photographs to the production house that was searching for new talent at the time. He went for the audition and thereby began his epic journey in filmdom. Mohanlal played a villain in his debut film that became a huge grosser at the box office.

He soon showcased his versatile talent by dabbling in comedies as well in Priyadarshan's directorial debut, Poochakkoru Mookkuthi, an out of the ordinary eccentric classic. The film 'Rajavite Makan' catapulted him to superstardom.

Mohanlal has acted only in two tamil films even though his father in law was a famous tamil producer. He agreed to do Iruvar only beacuse Mani Rathnam persuaded him.

Mohanlal tried his hand at movie production, and he still produces and distributes films in Kerala through two companies, Pranavam Arts and Pranamam.


Mohanlal is the youngest actor to get national award. He received a Best Actor Award as early as the sixth standard in school, even though this is an honor usually awarded only from tenth standard.

National Awards

    * 1989 Jury's Special Award - Kireedam
    * 1991 Best Actor - Bharatham
    * 1999 Best Actor - Vaanaprastham
    * 1999 Producer of Best Film - Vaanaprastham

State Awards

    * 1986 Best Actor - T .P. Balagopalan M.A.
    * 1988 Actor(Special Award) - Padha Mudhra
    * 1991 Best Actor - Ulladakkam, Kilukkam, Abhimanyu
    * 1995 Best Actor - Kalapani, Spadikam
    * 1999 Best Actor - Vaanaprastham
    * 2005 Best Actor - Thanmatra

International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA)

    * 2003 Best supporting Actor - Company

Critics Award

    * 1988 Padamudra, Chitram
    * 1991 Bharatam, Ulladakkam
    * 1999 Vaanaprastham

FilmFare Awards

    * 1986 Sanmasullavarkku Samadhaanam
    * 1988 Padamudra
    * 1993 Devasuram
    * 1994 Pavitram
    * 1995 Sphadikam
    * 1999 Vaanaprastham
    * 2005 "Thanmathra"

National Film Academy

    * 2000 Best Actor - Narasimham, Life is beautifulFrom Wikipedia


As an actor, he has starred in almost three hundred films till date, and has experimented with every kind of role and various genres. Some of his best works include:

    * Comedies (Sanmanassullavarkku Samadhanam, Nadodikkattu, Pattana Pravesham, Kilukkam, Poochakkoru Mookkuthi, Vellanakalude Naadu, TP Balagopalan MA, Gandhinagar Second Street, Mukundetta Sumithra Vilikkunnu,Chitram and numerous others)

    * Dramas (Thoovana Thumbikal, Chithram, Namukku Parkan Munthirithoppukal, Kanmadam and numerous others)

    * In a negative role (Manjil Virinja Pookkal, Uyarangalil, Rajavinte Makan, Irupatham Noottandu, Devasuram, Spatikam)

    * In parallel cinema (Vaastuhara, Vaanaprastham, Guru, Aham,Thanmathra)

    * In crossover cinema (Iruvar, Kaala Paani, Keerthi Chakra)

    * Tragedies (Sadayam, Kireedam, Chenkol, Ulsavappittennu, Dasharatham)

    * Musicals (His Highness Abdullah, Bharatam)

    * Artistic Genre (Rajasilpi, Kamaladalam)

    * Crime (Company, Aryan, Abhimanyu)

    * Political (Lal Salam, Unaroo)

    * Thrillers (Thazhvaram, Manichitrathazhu, Season, Kariyilakkattu Pole, Mukham, Nirnayam,Yodha)

As a Producer

    * Vaanaprastham (1999) (co-producer)
    * Harikrishnans (1998) (producer)
    * Kanmadam (1998) (producer)
    * Kala Pani (1996) (producer)
    * Pingami (1994) (producer)
    * Midhunam (1993) (producer)
    * Kamalathalam (1992) (producer)
    * Bharatham (1991) (producer)
    * His Highness Abdullah (1990) (producer)


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