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"Communication - Key For a Successful Relationship "

by Supriya Patel (5/04/06)

Had an argument with your partner and then avoided the issue? Then you are like many others pretending their relationships are rosy by avoiding disagreements. You must realize that better communications will actually make your relationship stronger.

Problems do not disappear on their own. They need to be solved. Most arguments between couples are due to simple misunderstandings that will only loom larger later in your relationship if not resolved at their inception. The best thing to do is communicate them with your partner.

Communication Food For Thought:

  • Avoiding to discuss the issues of arguments is just like adding bricks to build a wall. A wall that comes between you and your partner. Instead of learning more about each other, you start to learn less and create destructive assumptions in your head about what the other thinks.
  • Communication involves listening as much as it involves talking. Effective listening though. Listening carefully to what your partner has to say would clear most misunderstandings. Allow your partner to finish what he/she has to say before you start with your views.
  • Communications should start once your partner's anger calms down. Discussing too soon can only create more aggravation and will result in regrettful thoughts said to one another.
  • Communicating shows your partner that you are serious about establishing a long lasting relationship by getting to know them at a deeper level.




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