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Indian Girls Popular Among American Men
by Supanya Sosut (5/26/06)

According to the latest census data, interracial dating and marriage is on the rise in America. Though until recently, American men have had a taste for East Asia women such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai and so on. But the new growing trend is Indian women that are fast becoming a favorite in the American dating scene. With more than 2 millions Indians resided in the US, a lot of American men now consider the second-generation educated Indian women - Indian in appearance but with American ways – to be attractive, intelligent, strong and motivated which make them more appealing than the traditional Indian woman.

But even though interracial dating has become more common within the American-Indian community and more Indians are married outside of their race now, a lot of Indian women in America still complain that they often found themselves caught between two worlds. A non-Indian may not understand their Indian-ness and usually has difficulty fitting into the traditional Indian family, yet it is not easy for them to find an Indian man to marry either. Indian men often avoid Americanized Indian women because they would either date American women or they want an innocent, virgin girl straight from India.



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