(sanskrit) bhAvAkUta n. the first emotions of love

I Want to Say "I Love You" Too

by Pralay (12/03/2006)

The three most sacred words when strung together in the English dictionary is 'I Love You'. And I am begging each and every one of you to keep it that way!

We wrote an article earlier about how to say "I Love You" in a variety of languages, such as German and Japanese.

Why am I writing my thoughts on "I Love You"?
I was explaining to one of my friends not too long ago about the romantic things I have done in my life... Like dating a girl from Holland and sharing each of our first kisses under the Holland Tunnel in New York City. Or making a handmade Valentine's day card. To things as simple as writing a poem.

His response was a bit silly to me. He said, "I used to be very romantic like that with my girlfriend... but I still tell her 'I love You' sometimes."

Fallacy of Love
People seem to think that saying "I Love You" is enough in life. But saying those words is far too often abused and used as the easy way out. Here are some contexts in which some people say it that disgusts me:

  • People say it too soon without really knowing their true feelings.
  • Men will say it as a means to get in bed.
  • Used as a tool to try to gain the affection of someone that is rejecting you.
  • Used by people desperate for love themselves. Thinking that the act of saying it will trigger a return "I Love You"
  • Used as a substitute to other expressive forms of love such as the art of romance.
  • In response to arguments, fights, as a justification to be forgiven of your sins. "I am so sorry, I love you."
  • Because they felt that the other partner expected it just because the two of you were dating.

The Other Extreme
I am probably one of the rare folks that lie in the other extreme. I have never told a girl that I loved her. Not because I am scared to express my feelings. People who know me know that I am generally very forthright. It is just that I have too much respect for the act of saying it that I will not do so in haste.

I want only one "first time".

My Dilemma
I have gone all through my life having no problems with respect to my feelings about "I Love You". It is easy to hold back when you do not love someone, right? But now I am conflicted because I have found the right person. She is magnificent and complements me in every way. We joke around as much as we are serious together. I imagine what she would be doing if she was with me in almost every venue that I find myself. I can feel her thoughts and feelings as my own.

25 years of my life gone without problems. But now I want to say it. Every day, every breath out of my mouth I wish to utter the sweet word "Mai Tumse Pyar Karta Hoo" / "I Love You".



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