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My Girlfriend is Getting Fat

by Supanya Sosut

When you’ve been dating a girl for a while, she will probably start getting really comfortable with you. Sometimes it takes girls a few years and sometimes is only takes girls a few months.

No matter how long it takes her to feel “safe and secure” with your relationship, you can bet on one thing; she will gain weight.

Here are some tips to handle this.

Eat Only At Healthy Places. Another way you can encourage her to lose weight is to only eat at healthy places together. This way, at least when you are together, you both will be eating healthy. Many girls start gaining weight when you take them out for ice cream or dessert. Vegetables have fewer calories than meet so you can encourage her into eating at Indian vegetarian restaurants.

Cook Together. We have a whole list of fantastic Indian recipes for you to follow. Indian food is healthy, nutritious, and low calorie.

Be Active. Take her on sporting dates where you play tennis, bike, or even golf. The more active you keep her, the more likely she will be to lose that extra weight she has put on since you met. The good news is you will lose weight too. If you both like the gym, you can encourage her to come work out when you do so you both will get healthier.

Don't Ridicule Her. Whatever you do, if you want to keep your girl, don’t tell her she is getting fat. If you do, you will probably get a smack in the face and be a lonely guy without her! Besides, if you notice she's gaining weight, she almost certainly already knows that herself.

Girlfriend Getting Fat, Part 2
by Supanya Sosut (7/4/06)

Is there worse things that your girlfriend cheating on you? Probably not! But, if your girlfriend is getting fat you might think things are pretty bad. The truth is that when you are dating a girl that is gaining weight you only have two options. Either you can stay with her and deal with the situation, or you can drop her and find another girl, who will likely gain weight as well. The only real thing you can do to ensure your girlfriend won’t gain weight is to date girls who have eating disorders, and everyone knows that isn’t much fun.

If you do decide to stay with her you need to be sure you can learn to cope with her new body. Who knows, you might start enjoying the extra curves and might even prefer her new look. If you still can’t find it too appealing, you can try to realize you cannot really change her weight. You can take her out ice skating or encourage her to join you on a health kick, but if she refuses there isn’t anything you can do.

If you decide you can’t handle her getting fat and want to end things, you might be seen as shallow. So, be sure you come up with a good excuse for breaking up with her, and it shouldn’t have anything to do with her looks. Be sure it is something she can’t try to change either, or she likely will beg you to stay. Finding that “break up reason” that is unchangeable is the key to a quick and easy break up.

Seeking Other Women?

Before Ending the Relationship. If you are looking to end a relationship, then you need to make sure you ask all the right questions before doing so.

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