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Common Boyfriend Questions
by Pralay (6/28/06)

Based on our analysis of search patterns across the United States, the following were questions most commonly asked / searched by girls regarding their boyfriends. Since I am a dude, I figure what better way to give simple answers to the simplest of questions.

What to give a boyfriend on one year anniversary? / Gift ideas to make for boyfriend.

Men are easier to please than women. We will not analyze your gifts. We will not try to figure out how much you spent on your present. We will like it if it is useful for us to use. We will like it if it comes from the heart. Otherwise, it is a waste of a present. My advice to you women is to stop shopping for those shirts and ties and start thinking of more useful / heart-felt gifts. Some gifts that fit this bill are:

  • Take a nice photo of yourselves and have it framed. Don't get the supersized frames, a nice small romantic type will do.
  • Make a collage. A common thing for younger couples to do is to take all of the photos of the two of you together for the past year and put it all into a collage. It gets fancier if you can come up with pictures for every month of the year. Or better if you can make a calendar out of it.

How do I deal with a boyfriend that has a negative outlook?

A common complaint I have heard from women regarding their boyfriends deals with them having a negative outlook. And based on your searches, we see you going on the net in search of understanding it. The first thing to do with respect to this problem is identify where your boyfriend's negative outlook is directed.

Is he always negative about the same types of things? Maybe something happened in his past that causes him to feel a certain way. Instead of assuming the person is crabby, ask him politely about his feelings. You may find out a wealth of knowledge you did not know before.

Does he bring you down? If you find that he is bringing you down, then you really should consider a break-up if he does not better his situation.

Does he go from negative to positive, and vice versa often? Then chances are he is being negative as a defense mechanism for feelings of insecurity. Feelings that are not consistent.

How do I please my boyfriend? / Special things to do for your boyfriend?

I guess it depends on whether you want to know the REAL answer or the politically correct answer ;-). In today's society, there is a lot of pressure on men to be romantic for women. We are the one's buying roses on Valentine's day. We are the one's having to come up with nifty creative anniversary presents. We are the ones writing the women the poems, etc...

Studies have shown that this is seen by men as a weakness if women do it for their man. Maybe it is a weakness if you do it often but on those special occassions, you should really let him know how you feel.

Questions to ask my new boyfriend? / First Date Questions.

The first thing you should realize about men is that almost any question is fair game. Meaning, men are not as reluctant as women to share things. Despite being the talkative ones, women are more likely to hold in personal details. So whatever you ask, don't scare him away with your questions. Questions about number of children should be postponed ;-)

Revenge ideas on (ex) (cheating) boyfriends?

  • Go to a hotel together. Wait for him to take a shower and leave with all his clothes.
  • Call his new girlfriend and pretend you are some prostitute that is having his baby.
  • Call his mom and say #2 above.



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