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Stop With the Confusing Profile Photos!

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by Pralay (8/13/06)

The majority of us use photo only searches to find our partners. People with pictures are 5-10 times more likely to have their profiles viewed by the opposite gender. But posting a photo is dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. And I am talking to all you ladies!

Stop with the confusing photos.

Here are some confusion signs.

  • Posting only a picture of your face. We guys will assume the worst and think your body is hideous.
  • Posting a small picture. We will think that you are in reality quite ugly.
  • Posting only pictures taken at a studio. Ummm, do you really look like that?
  • Posting pictures of you with other people because I usually find myself thinking "your friend is HOT. I wish I was talking to her instead."

Heck, you may think you are a marketing guru but is it good marketing skills to have an indecisive consumer? What I mean is you will get the dude to talk to you but there is no guarantee that he will really be interested.


So let's pretend you are chubby and you you post that face only shot. Do you really want to spend the time talking to dudes that do not like chubby girls? The same question can be asked of the girl that has a few blemishes on her face that the studio pictures took away.

All you will get when you send "confusing" pictures are a bunch of guys wanting to see more. They will harrass you for other pictures because they are not sure if that studio picture is just a sign that you are ugly or the face only shots mean you are heavy.

Personal Reflection on Pictures

I hate asking a girl to see more pictures but sometimes I have no choice. Why do we spend the time to talk to you? Because your pictures look good, we just do not know if you really look like that.

Advice to Women

My advice to all you women is to be very clear in what your appearance is. Your main picture should be your best one. Have it be the studio picture. Your second one should be a face picture in a normal setting and the last one should be your body picture.

Maybe you are not perfect.. but none of us are. If you are clear and forthright about what your appearance is then

  • you will not have to wonder if he will be "okay" with your looks
  • you will have a better quality of the guys contact you
  • when a guy asks for more pictures, you will know he is just a superficial prick that needs to get beat

Because if he did grow fond of you and later found out that your looks were not up to par with what he thought, he will complain of being "confused" and "unsure" about the relationship.

We only get married once, so take quality over quantity...isn't love about quality?



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