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"ABCD Girls and Indian FOBS?"
Of all the mixtures, this is the rarest. You obviously see ABCD girls with ABCD boys but rarely do you ever see them with FOB boys.

Being an ABCD myself, I can understand why one would prefer another ABCD like them. No accent. Similar interests. Western outlook as it pertains to family, culture, career, and religion.

But having been exposed to many FOBs, I have noticed that many of them in the United States share the same outlook. They come to this country with good intentions and adopt the Western philosophy rather quickly. So then it all boils down to accent?

Are girls so fickle that they cannot be with a man that has the traditional Indian accent? Maybe. I have a really good male friend that said he would not get with a woman from India because of that.

What have we done to ourselves that we cannot even stand the accent of our own parents/grandparents. Does it remind us of authority? Does it sound uneducated? Or worse, have we been brainwashed by the American media that this type of accent is inferior?

It is probably a complex sociological issue such as Indian men not treating women as equals. But as I stated earlier, the fresh off the boat men treat women as equals. So is this a label that will stick with FOBs forever?




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